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A dog musher and his team of twelve dogs mush across the snow as the sun comes up.
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Things to Do - Alaska Statewide
Look at that face of determination!  It is a common expression worn by fishermen as they cast their line into the water.

Things to Do in Alaska
This beautiful state has many experiences to offer its visitors and residents. From viewing bears to canoeing, from gold panning to mountain biking, there is something for everyone!

Find some things to do in Anchorage, Seward, Homer, and Valdez

To learn more about recreating in Alaska and for things to do in the Interior,
visit the Fairbanks Things to Know & Do page.

 Winter Activities - Find out what types of activities are available during the winter.

Mountain Biking - A guide to trails for mountain biking in Alaska.

Fishing - Tips for fishing trip preparations and rules regarding catch & release.

Wildlife Viewing - Information on where to go to see wildlife in Alaska, and how to practice proper etiquette.

View Glaciers - All about Alaska's glaciers including science and information on where to see them, as well as a fun quiz!

Canoeing - Information on canoeing, detailing three major rivers and etiquette.

Iditarod - The history, the facts, and the timeline of the Iditarod National Historic Trail.

Gold Panning - Where to find gold in Alaska, how to find it, and much more.

Clamming - Information on clam digging, and on the razor clams that live on Alaska's beaches.

Follow the trail of homesteading history by visiting the homesteading webpage.



Close up of a purple lupine flower. Lush green grass and smaller lupines are in the background. Did You Know?
Lupine, a member of the legume family, can be found in many regions of Alaska. Its flowered stalk resembles purple pea pods and is poisonous to humans if consumed.