Logo bar of the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers which are located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Tok and Ketchikan
Ranger at orientation cart displays art from child.
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Employment and Summer Jobs Opportunities
Seven Park Service employees are wearing special glasses with reflective lenses and looking up to the sky to watch the transit of venus. They are standing on a concrete deck in downtown Anchorage.
Employees and interns at the Anchorage Alaska Public Lands Information Center wear special glasses in order to watch the Transit of Venus in June 2012.

Job Opportunities at our centers:

We are offer a wide variety of opportunities to become a park ranger at all of our Alaska centers throughout the state. If you are interested in becoming a park ranger at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center and the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center and would like information about us, please contact us directly. 

Click Here for information about being a Park Ranger with the National Park Service in Alaska!

To find out about current job opportunities for the Alaska Centers as well as our partners park sites please visit

A dark haired young man in a blue button down shirt winks, while playfully pointing at the camera.
YCC students love working at the Anchorage Alaska Public Information Center!
For High School Students:

Youth Conservation Corps.
The  Youth Conservation Corps is a well-known program that has helped educate and enrich high school students since it's creation in 1970. Find out more information and how to serve with the Youth Conservation Corps please visit our YCC page.

For College Students:

The Student Conservation Association
The Student Conservation Association is a program created for college age students with an interest in the field of conservation and preservation through employment at different federal and state agencies nationwide. To learn more about serving with the Student Conservation Association, check out our SCA page.

The conical peaks of the Four Mountains islands in the Aleutian chain rise above a dark blue ocean. Low clouds circulate just above the water. The sky is clear and blue. Did You Know?
The 1,200 mile long Aleutian Islands are a chain of over 300 small volcanic islands along the northern Pacific Ring of Fire. Spanning from southwest Alaska to Russia, 57 volcanoes are scattered across the islands’ range.