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A Fatbike rests agains a backcountry public use cabin. There is grass in the foreground.
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Cycling Alaska
Cyclist retrieving equipment from saddlebag while biking about Anchorage in the winter.
Cameron Sanders
Winter cycling can prove to be a difficult but rewarding venture.

Whether you want a nice easy ride on an old roadbed or a grueling trail up technical switchbacks leading to a spectacular view, Alaska is the place to ride! From hour-long to multiple-day rides, there is something for everyone

Anchorage is home to some of the best singletrack in Alaska. With hundreds of miles of trails traversing various terrain, the options are endless. Become a Hilltop Flyer and take the Power Line Trail down from Glen Alps Parking Lot in Chugach State Park, or try some of Kinkaid Park's new world-class singletrack. Bikes may be rented at verious locations throughout town for those traveling.

Many Alaskan Highways offer paved adjoining trails. This has added up to hundreds upon hundreds of miles of roadside biking opportunity through scenic Alaska - it is completely feasible to bike from one end of the state to the other and many people do each summer.

Across Alaska, many State and National park lands offer trails accessible to mountain biking. There are many old logging roads within the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska that are no longer available to motor vehicle traffic. These old logging roads offer great mountain biking opportunities through Alaskan old growth and second growth rainforests!

Grab your water bottle, put on your helmet, Tread Lightly! and enjoy Alaska by bike. 


Chugach State Park offers a variety of great cycling opportunities.

For the Dalton Highway bicycling guide visit

Check out the Mountain Biking brochure pdf for more information and where to ride!

Read our Cycling the Interior brochure for information on all types of biking in Interior Alaska.

Biking Check List:

Helmet Cover
Gloves Padded Pants
Sunglasses Light Jacket

Water First Aid Kit
Food/Snack Bear Spray
Trail Map
Cell Phone
Reflectors Helmet
Bell Elbow/Knee Pads
A Friend

Allen Wrench
Tire Pump
Spare Tube
Patch Kit
Quick-Link & Chaintool

Camera Sunscreen Spare Cash
Identification GPS Bike Lock

Mountain Bike Anchorage - 49 rides in & around Alaska's largest city.

General Rules of the Trail

1. Ride on open trails only
2. Leave no trace
3. Always be in control
4. Yield to hikers and horses
5. Never scare animals
6. Plan ahead

Bright green grasses and the darker green of a spruce forest are perfectly reflected in the smooth surface of a lake. Green mountains and a blue, cloud-filled sky are in the background. Did You Know?
Nearly one-third of Alaska’s 586,000-plus square miles of land area are located within the Arctic Circle.