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A large river with sandy shores winds through thick green forests
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Canoeing in Alaska
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Canoeing In Alaska

Listen to the call of the loon and feel the dip of your paddle as you glide through the water on your way to experiencing Alaska as native Alaskans have for over ten thousand years. Alaska has many officially designated National Wild Scenic Rivers with varying levels of whitewater difficulty, as well as countless streams and lakes suitable for canoeing and rafting. 

Private Property
Not all land along the riverway is public. Most of the rivers have private lands or cabins along their banks. Please respect private property. Some may look abandoned but may still be in seasonal use. When not specifically marked as private, it is still best to avoid camping near structures as they may be on private property.

A view of the back range of the Chugach Mountains. The mountains are brown and rocky with patches of snow, while the valley is lush and green. Did You Know?
The Chugach mountains, protected in the Chugach State Park and National Forest, are the northern most extension of the Pacific Coast Range and contain Alaska's most climbed peak, Flattop Mountain.