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Our Accessibility Policy:

The Alaska Public Lands Information Center is committed to ensuring that all information both in our center and on our website is accessible to people with disabilities, including both employees and customers we serve. If you experience any difficulty accessing the information, please call us. We will try to assist you as best we can. This may include providing the information to you in an alternate format.

A man helping a woman in a wheel chair off one of the shuttles in Denali National Park.
A man helping a woman off a shuttle at Denali National Park.

National Parks

Currently Lake Clark, Yukon Charley, Kobuck Vally, Noatak, and Cape Krusentern are unable to accommodate peoples with disabilities due to their rugged nature and remote locations. Click the national park to learn more about its accessibility:
Denali National Park and Preserve

Glacier Bay is mainly accessible by water. Several privately owned businesses offer accessible ways of experiencing that park. There is currently no information for people with disabilities for Klondike Gold Rush Historical Park, Lake Clark National Park, or Aniakchak.

A wheel chair accessible cabin in a state park.

Alaska State Parks

Alaska is home to 119 state parks. There are different cabins, boat launches, campgrounds, day use, picnic sites, historical sites, drinking water, picnic shelters, restrooms, trails, view points, visitor centers, and places to fish that are accessible to peoples with disabilities.Click below to learn about just how accessible Alaska State Parks can be.
Alaska State Parks

A raised map of the state that can help visitors that are visually impaired learn the geography of the state.
Mary McCormick/NPS
A raised map of the state can help visitors that are visually impaired learn geography.

Alaska Public Lands Information Center

The Alaska Public Lands Information Centers offer several features for peoples with disabilities. Read on to learn more.

Anchorage Facilities
The Anchorage Center offers paved ramps into the building, and theater, making our facility completely wheelchair accessible. Our movies feature open captioning for those who are hearing impaired. We feature audio descriptions of movies for those guests who are visually impaired. Our electronic signs are equipped to read to guests with visual impairments.

If you have further questions or concerns about our Anchorage Center, call or email us.

A distant profile shot of a cow moose and calf standing in knee high, dry grasses. A small copse of spruce trees are in the distance and low, dark mountains are on the horizon. Did You Know?
The abundance of wildlife has made the Yukon Delta the heart of the Yup'iq Eskimo culture in Alaska. Forty-two Native villages are located within the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge boundary. Residents depend upon the fish, wildlife, and other resources to continue a subsistence lifestyle.